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Our People

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Rev. Florence Ledyard

Ex-officio Board Member

Sandra Woodcock

Ex-officio Board Member & Center Director

Glorius Sullivan

Board Member & Chairman

Rev. Alex Stone

Board Member

Cheryl Murdock

Board Member & Secretary

Dan McEachran

Board Member & Vice Chairman

Deborah Jones

Board Member

Rev. Michael Hunt

Board Member

Amelie Hamilton

Board Member

Carol Bailey

Board Member & Treasurer

Donors and volunteers are at the heart of our operations by assisting with administrative tasks, assembling food bags, and sorting everything from food donations to produce.  We could not continue to serve our neighbors in need without their generous giving of time, talent and patronage.

  • Allan Hubbard
  • Barbara Knauf
  • Carol Jones
  • Cheryl Murdock
  • Jill Harrison
  • Anne Marie MacInnes
  • Pat Williams
  • Susan Lundin
  • Tony Young
  • Bobbi Quinn
  • Gretchen Parry


We need you, so please volunteer. Send an email to info@40west.org to let us know how you’d like to help.