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Each day 40 West operates we encounter individuals and families struggling to make ends meet; struggling to feed themselves and their families, often struggling with the difficult choice of whether to purchase food, pay rent or pay their utility bill.

Since 1993, 40 West has worked vigorously and faithfully to fulfill its mission.  The mission of 40 West is to provide, with compassion, the basic necessities of life to neighbors in need. The Center strives to ensure community residents who are hungry have access to food and the material assistance needed by those in housing and utility crisis.  Staff also provides education about and referral to additional assistance resources. Our work continues to be guided by adhering to our core values:

  • Serve God through community outreach

  • Offer assistance and compassion without judgment

  • Provide a centralized outreach Center for local churches.

We are a 501c(3) tax-exempt organization, funded solely by donations.  We are fortunate in the 40 West corridor to operate within a network of generous individuals, churches, institutions and businesses that recognize the value of helping those in need around us.  Their financial support and food donations are vital. This enables us to prevent families, our neighbors, from being without food, clothing, shelter, heat and lights, prescription medication and transportation.